Audit, Brand DNA Development, Targeting and KPI optimisation, Strategy, Reporting.

Localisation in German-speaking territories

Market Entry, Translation of Communication Tools to German, Product Adaptation Consultation.

Print and Radio PR

Interviews, Reviews, Editorials / Features in Magazines, Newspapers, Lifestyle/LGBTQ+ and Radio

Online PR

News Features, Interviews, Reviews, Premieres, Podcasts, Youtube Shows & Sessions, Advertorial

Online Marketing

Editorial Calendar, Digital Advertisement, Social Media, Influencer Campaigns, SEO, SEM, SEA

Creative Contents

Video/Photo Shoot, Print and Web Designs, Social Media Posts, Influencer Collaborations.


Our DNA and performance is forged by three things: music, entertainment and early-adaptation of the latest technologies. Guerilla Media Communications is an offset of the Berlin-based agency, Guerilla Music PR, which was founded in 1999. We focus on a wide range of services, working with- and for a millennial / Gen-Z - audience, as well as utilising our strong expertise in promotion in the music- and entertainment industries.
Creative Content
Printed / Online PR
Online Marketing


Flea Hoefl von Löhneysen

• Managing Director and Founder • Flea is the Managing director and…

Johanna Urbancik

• International Publicist and Host for Sound of Berlin • Johanna is…

Paula Emilia Huppertz

• GSA Print and Digital Media PR Manager • Paula is Manager…

Virna Setta

• Web Administrator and Digital Communication Strategist • Virna is the web…

Nathan Lewi-Leveel

• PR Manager France • Born and raised in France, Nathan graduated…

Till Kühr

•Head of Digital• Till is Head of Digital. With more than eight…

Pascal Weick

• Head of Online and Print Promotion GSA • Pascal is Manager…

Sina Sager

• Radio Promotion Manager • Sina is the Radio Promotion Manager (Youth…

Bruno Santos

Bruno is the in-house graphic designer and audio-visual content creator of Guerilla.…

Simon Forster

• GSA Online and Print Promotion Manager • Simon is part of…

Nicola Schwartze

• Brand & Development Manager • Nici is part of the online…


Guerilla Media Communications is a versatile marketing- and promotion agency specialising in the creative- and digital entertainment industries through radio, print and online promotion.

We help both our local- and international clients to boost their media presence in German-speaking territories (Germany, Austria, Switzerland)

Our highly-skilled talents operate in different areas and will provide cutting-edge creative solutions to all your communication needs, ranging from media relation experts to creative producers, social media managers and online marketers.


For us, there is no better reward than a satisfied client. To achieve this level of satisfaction, our team provides a 360° service.

Guerilla Media Communication’s ethos is to produce vibrant, high-quality campaigns with- and for a millennial- and gen-z audience.

Our ethos is to always produce vibrant, high-quality campaigns.