Bruno is the in-house graphic designer and audio-visual content creator of Guerilla. The Portuguese multidisciplinary artist based in Berlin works across and between the disciplines of art, design, music production and performance. Long established as Cleymoore on the international DJ circuit, Bruno’s fluid and layered approach to selection and technique is grounded in a deep appreciation of the history and context of all strands of dance music. Bruno’s more recent experiments in modular synthesis take the artisanal approach to its logical conclusion, the fruits of which will see the light of day under the name Max Binski, name he also uses to sign his graphic design work. He also runs his own audio-visual imprint Pluie/Noir, and is the co-founder of the independent label, booking, management & music publishing agency Rings Of Neptune. Bruno now sits at the centre of a growing network of likeminded artists and organizers who share his vision for how creativity, versatility and – most importantly – humanity can sit side by side, today and in the future.