We have assembled a vast variety of talents within our ranks, from media relations experts to creative producers, and from social media managers to online marketers.
Eloise Decaix

Publicist France

Nicola Schwartze

Brand and development Manager

Eero Holi

International Publicist

Till Kühr

Account Manager & Head of Marketing

Virna Setta

Web • Communications • Business Development

Paula Emilia Huppertz

Publicist GSA and Account Manager

Vinzenz Neidl

Working Student / Werkstudent ---- Music and Digital Entertainment Online and Print Promotion for GSA

Jana Wengert

Radio Promotion Manager

Flea Hoefl von Löhneysen

Managing Director and Founder

Bruno Santos

Creative Director & Designer

Our Partner Agencies

Open Position

We are always on the lookout for new talented people so don’t be shy to contact us.

Digital Marketing Manager

PR Manager GSA - D.A.CH